Κυριακή 19 Ιουνίου 2016

Jo. Cox: The Ideal victim in a vile story.

Even before the blood of poor Jo.Cox had a chance to dry at the crime scene, the word spread across the UK and Europe as follows: the dreadful murder of J. Cox has changed things and has swayed voters towards remaining in the EU.
Thus, right from the start Jo. Cox was not murdered just once, but numerous times, with every news bulletin, every media report or interview, every so-called gallop pole and 'analysis', every 'compassionate' statement from the leaders of the ' Britain remain' campaign. They have all used this murder in the most shameless way to influence voters to vote to remain in the EU.
So, a different frantic campaign has started, one which has usurped this murder, with the aim of consolidating the pro-European vote and planting a seed of guilt in all potential Brexit voters. This insidious campaign has all the hallmarks of psychological warfare against the population of Britain, to influence their voting against a possible Brexit.

Really, how did they manage to organize such a campaign within hours of the hideous crime? How come they were so fast in conducting gallop poles and surveys to show that the tables had turned and that now the 'remain' side was in front? It is as if the leaders of the 'remain' campaign were ready to use all of its details before the audacious murder had even happened.
Let's look at the whole picture. The 'pro Europe' campaign was going "down the tubes" as the saying goes. None of the leaders who were trying to persuade the British voters to remain in this monstrosity of an organisation, called the EU, really had anything positive to say. Instead of logical arguments it was all scaremongering, trying to terrorize voters by highlighting imagined dangers wihich have no basis in reality, and most of the arguments are ludicrous.
The results of all this was not what the campaign leaders had hoped for. Instead of the majority of British voters becoming scared and behaving like sheep getting ready to vote in favour, the opposite happened. Most felt that their intelligence was being insulted by the propaganda and so voting to leave felt natural, as most people would say Brexit is the only sane option.
Something had to be done. They feared that on the 23d of July the British public would vote en mass to exit the EU, and with such a majority, no parliament, no government could ignore the referendum result without fearing negative social repercussions. Because Britain exiting the EU would not only give a chance to the British people to have a better life in their own country, but would injure irreparably the New Euro-Order that is now trying to hold the European countries together. Such an event would be catastrophic, the worst defeat that has happened in this Euro-order since the 4th Reich were in power.
So what was needed urgently was a' fall victim', a 'martyr' for the pro Euro campaign. J. Cox was the ideal victim. Pretty, well presented, a low profile politician, mother of young children, a good wife, with no shady connections or history of being mixed in scandals, self-made, an activist and without great riches. A typical, respectable middle class lady, she was the ideal model with which the average British voter could identify with, especially the women.
I'm afraid this is the very reason why she was assassinated. Preparation for the assassination started quite early. Anonymous threats that no one could explain. Why should Jo.Cox have been threatened at all? Was her involvement in the campaign vital?
Unlike the Cameron-Corbyn twin duo and the rest of the Euro supporters who have secret and vested personal interests at stake she was spotless.
Why was she threatened and not the leaders, those who were at the forefront of the 'remain' campaign? And since she had been threatened why didn't the police ensure that at least one policeman be assigned protect her? Just one policeman would have been enough. The excuses that are given, that apparently J. Cox had refused protection are the nonsense that not even children would believe. The police could have protected her in inconspicuous ways, since -as they say- the threats kept coming.
And so Jo.Cox is murdered outside her home in the most dreadful manner. By whom? By someone with a long history of mental illness, a psychotic who had been under medication, in therapy, someone who had been committed, in and out psychiatric hospitals for years. An ideal candidate to be programmed, brainwashed and influenced to commit such a gruesome murder, so that the real perpetrators of the crime can disappear without trace.
When was J Cox murdered? When the “Leave the EU Campaign” was so much in front that the difference could not be covered until the 23d of June. Is there any more ideal crime that the could have benefited the 'remain Europe' campaign more?
If, in time it is revealed that the gruesome murder of J. Cox was carried out so that Britain wouldn't leave the EU, personally I would not be surprised. The EU mafia does not only have its political and ideological roots in the fascism of the 3d Reich, it is just as ruthless. In Greece in the last 5 years their policies have resulted in the cold brutal murder of nearly one hundred thousand citizens, either by leading them to a frenzy of suicides or by destroying the county's health service. Would they have shown any mercy for Jo.Cox?
(translation by Byron Zeliotis)

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  1. Κυριε Καζακη σας γραφω απο εδω, γιατι δεν ξερω απο που αλλου να επικοινωνησω μαζι σας.
    Επειδη αυτα που γραψατε σε αυτο το κειμενο-απαντηση http://dimitriskazakis.blogspot.gr/2013/05/blog-post_13.html μου φανηκαν παρα πολυ ενδιαφεροντα και επειδη ακουω και διαβαζω το τελευταιο καιρο ενα καρο ανοησιες, ''οτι δεν εχει σημασια το νομισμα κλπ κλπ''
    θελω να μου πειτε πως μπορω να βρω αυτα τα βιβλια.

    F. Engels, Lawyers’ Socialism, MECW, vol. 26, Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1990
    Φ. Πρεομπραζένσκυ, Χαρτονόμισμα κατά την προλεταριακή δικτατορία, Κρατικές εκδόσεις, Μόσχα, 1920

    Στην βιβλιοθηκη του Πανεπιστημιου δεν φαινεται να υπαρχει κανενα απο τα δυο, εκτος ισως ο τομος, αλλα αυτος μαλλον θα ειναι στα αγγλικα, αλλα και παλι δεν ειμαι σιγουρη για την υπαρξη του.
    Το δευτερο βιβλιο το πατησα στην αναζητηση της βιβλιοθηκης και στο google και τιποτα δεν μου βγαζει.
    Καποιες πληροφοριες ?
    Ή κατι που να μπορω να διαβασω για την σημασια του νομισματος στην ιστορικη και κοινωνικη του πτυχη ?

    1. Καλύτερα,στείλε αυτό ακριβώς το κείμενο που ανήρτησες εδώ,στα έξης emails :



      Ενδεχομένως και να υπάρχουν,στο αρχείο της Σχολής Ε.ΠΑ.Μ.
      Οπότε σ' αυτήν την περίπτωση,σου αποστέλλουν αντίγραφα.
      Να 'σαι καλά !!!