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Robert Macaire, a. k. a. Emmanuel Macron, visits Athens. He calls for unity and solidarity and wants subjugation and devastation.

With Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frederic Macron, France has made Robert Macaire President of the Republic for the first time in the history of the country. The latter is a renowned caricature from the time of the monarchy of Louis Philippe of Orleans (1830-1848), which symbolized the rise of a particularly decadent and parasitic elite, the aristocracy of money.
They are an elite of rich, indifferent to trade, agriculture, industry and work in general. They are primarily interested in financial speculation with debts and titles. The deficits of the state, the household and the real economy have been transformed into the main source of their wealth. It is a new class of rich people who created a real new aristocracy, "one of the most ferocious," as Alexis de Tocqueville said, "that has ever appeared on earth"(1).
Robert Macaire was nothing but the archetype of this aristocracy of money, invented by the political satire of the time. He is a criminal element, a real scoundrel to his morals and actions, completely unscrupulous, who enriches himself with the help of fraud and state coffers. So, he manages to climb to all high offices of French economic and political life. And with him the world of villains climbed to the top of French bourgeois society.

"Sensitive souls, listen to the painful story of a criminal but lovable man - pursued by fate ... and gendarmes, and once again learn that if virtue is always rewarded in the other world, foolishness nevertheless gives some rewards to him."(2) This was the beginning of the satirical play, which for the first time brought to the forefront the caricature of Robert Macaire and his friend Bertrand.
Macaire starts out as a common crook to be haunted by gendarmery and ends up a magnet, a stockbroker, a baron, a deputy, a state official, even a supreme judge with the whole state and justice system serving him. Only President of the Republic has failed to become. With Macron, he did exactly that. The satire wanted to awaken popular audiences to see behind the façade, to perceive the "prostitute who glorified the moral virtue and the cheat who talked of honor"(3).
The Robert Macaire “clan” managed to dominate the political institutions and the economy of France since then. It’s the hard core of France's economic and political elite to this day. Saved from the wrath of the French people and working classes back in 1848, in 1871, in the 1930’s and in the 1960’s, constructed the most imperial republic of continental Europe. It created the most ridiculous, decadent, corrupt and monstrous upper class which made its vices and prostitution its true chief industry.
The tricolor with the jacobine cap of sans-culottes, the heroic flag of the revolution, the symbol of national insurrection against tyranny and the fight for democracy, was replaced by a ridiculous cock in the colors of the tricolor. The frog symbol of the monarchy and ancient regime transformed into a cock that fenced the French people into a hen house.
At the same time, the virtuous patriotism of the people was dragged through the mud and blood of the slaughter house of colonial wars on a world scale. And when the “clan” of Robert Macaire debased and humiliated the French nation to the utmost, decided to get rid of it altogether.
The revolutionary cradle of the French nation became something non-important, a sideshow of the French history, which produced some good and many evils. The only good – according to historians and politicians on the payroll of Macaire – was that revolution overturned the old monarchy to be replaced by the imperial highness of Emperors and Presidents of the Republic. Τhe only suitable regime for the speculators, stockjobbers and usurers to thrive.
In 1989 the government in those days of Robert Macaire’s “clan” celebrated the 200 years of 1789 by closing down the museum of the French Revolution. From that point and on the French Revolution was only a controversial episode in the history of the city of Paris, compromising only a miserable floor of the Carnavalet Museum which according to the official site “highlights the past of Paris and reveals its diverse identity”. In this way, the old employee of the Vichy government that worked for the infamous administration of hostages and prisoners under the occupation regime, François Mitterrand, acting as imperial President of the Republic took the first decisive step against the Nation.
Thus, the Nation had nothing to do anymore with working class and people’s aspirations. It was an empty official vessel for the banksters and their politicians from right and left wing to seek the resurrection of the old Charlemagne Europe in the form of the European Union. To bring back the dark ages all over again. Not for the benefit of the old nobility of the sword or of the robe, but for the benefit of the new aristocracy of money.
An ecumenical, cosmopolitan aristocracy without any allegiance to countries and nations. Without even the kind of chauvinist or jingoist allegiance the old ruling Bourgeoisie had to each and separate country under its own domination and self-interest. Bank and most specifically the Global Systemic Bank, became the embodiment of the supreme holiness, the new Holy Grail of the most wretched Knights the world has ever seen. The ultimate social and economic institution that requires a blind submission of all states, nations and peoples. And France has 12 out of the 50 biggest Global Systemic Banks. We have the resurrection of ultramontanes on the grounds of global capital markets.
Thus nationalism, the ideology of Bourgeois usurpation of the Nation against the lower strata, the people and the working classes, became obsolete. Globalization is the new battle cry. The globalization of colonialism cloned even inside the big imperialist countries. The old battle cry of democracy for a world without wars, without national confrontation and oppression, became the cry for a world without borders and nations. A world with only sovereign banks and global markets, with only nomads on a constant move by the millions according to the catastrophic whims of the cross-border capital flows and the fictitious “civil society” of NGOs and all other – well funded – missionaries of modern global colonialism.
But it is for the first time in the history of France that the economic elite is totally identified with the political elite. Contemporary Macaire no longer needs emperors and presidents to hire to do his job. Why pay politicians, when Macaire himself can ascend to the highest office? Besides, the old democratic scrupulous of ordinary citizens have receded so much that they have in high regard the political indifference. They even accept as perfectly normal for democracy to be identified with the most corrupt and absolutist government.
That's why the universal vote does not bother the ruling elite anymore. Instead, it is used to legitimize powers that formerly required a Bonaparte coup or a fascist boot to be enforced. Of course, just in case, they have secured the manipulation of voting, not only through the control of public opinion, but also through electoral systems that permit and make totally legitimate election fraud.
So, what does modern Robert Macaire, the prostitute and the cheat of today, want in Athens? To talk about high values and morality, virtue and unity, solidarity and honesty. All these universal and European values of scoundrels since the first Imperium Universalis, the first Reich. All these empty words and slogans that fraudsters invoke when they want to hide their true intentions.
Pierre Moscovici came to ensure that the interests of the crooks he represents would have an increased share in the looting of Greece. He and Macaire – also known as Macron - came to declare that their German colleagues would not have the monopoly over Greece's looting. France also wants Macaire's share of the general sell-off imposed on Greece’s infrastructure, real estate, land and national wealth of the country.
Besides, France played a leading role in imposing an occupation regime by Eurogroup at the expense of Greeks. Official France was instrumental in imposing memorandum policies for the destruction of the Greek economy. And all this to save the French banks.
Greece was admitted to Eurozone for one main reason, to be looted by the European banking cartel. By the end of December 1999 Greece had a rather small exposure to claims by foreign banks. According to BIS the total foreign exposure of Greece was 27% of the country’s GDP. Mainly debt securities. The exposure of French banks to Greece was only 3.4% of the Greek GDP.
By the end of December 2002, one year after Greece officially joined euro, the total foreign claims vis-à-vis Greece were risen to 37.7% of the Greek GDP. The exposure of French banks climbed to 5.0% of the Greek GDP.
By the end of September 2009, the total claims vis-à-vis Greece of foreign banks were at 89.6% of the Greek GDP. European banks were almost 84% of the total foreign claims and nearly 75% of the Greek GDP. The exposure of French Banks was at $75.4 billion or 22.3% of the Greek GDP. The French Banks had the biggest exposure to Greece. Swiss banks came second with nearly $64 billion in claims. Third were the German banks with an exposure of $43.2 billion and Netherlands’ banks in the fourth place with $11.8 billion.
These claims concerned speculation with debt securities and portfolio investment in Greece. Apart from controlling the most part of Greek indebtedness, - primary source of high profits and political leverage for foreign banksters - European and foremost French banks were busy with buy-outs of controlling interest in entities that already dominated the Greek economy, as part of local trusts and cartels highly connected with the corrupt political system of the country.
Thanks to these claims the Greek economy turned into a ‘free-rider’ economy of counterproductive services and speculative oligopolies sustained by debt, state and European financing. Banksters controlled everything with the political corruption reaching new historical heights. The European elite was delighted with the situation in Greece. As long as the banksters profited from the indebtedness of Greek households, corporations and the state, everything was alright. Government officials, primeministers and presidents from Europe, specially from France and Germany, came to Greece to extol the “economic miracle”.
In 2007 Mrs Merkel, visiting Athens, spoke warmly about the country's so-called achievements in the economy, saying that "now you have a 4% growth rate. This is just a dream for us". No one was interested in the fact that the rate of growth was fictitious because it was based on the rising indebtedness of the economy. No one cared as long as the profits kept rolling into the banksters coffers.
In 2008 President Sarkozy visited Athens. Addressing the Greek parliament, he said that he was proud that his grandfather came to France from Thessalonica Greece, making him partly Greek in origin. And concluded his speech in a profound melodramatic way: “I want you to understand that for me this House, which signifies a lot to the French people, the slogan ‘long live Greece, long live France, long live the new alliance between France and Greece!’ is a great moment in my political life.”
In 2008 the claims of French banks against Greece reached all-time high. By the end of the second quarter of 2008 the claims of French banks reached $86.1 billion, or 25.2% of the annual Greek GDP the same year. Much of these claims represented pay-offs and bribes to the political and party system of Greece so that the French banksters secure a free ride in the country.
Of course, the melodramatic overtures and the extolling of the Greek “economic achievements” ended when official Greece went bankrupt. Greece suddenly became, not the cradle of civilization, democracy and freedom, as European leaders used to say when their banksters profited from the rising debts of the country and its citizens – but a corrupted country, a pariah to Europe. Greeks were in debt and went bankrupt because they are not used to hard work, they have too many holidays, they are getting paid way too much, they are corrupted by nature and they prefer to sunbathe all year round.
During the G-20 summit of 2011 in Cannes Mr. Sarkozy, the French President, forgot all about his Greek ancestry and the ‘long live the new alliance of Greece and France!’. His was furious with the Greeks, calling them names, especially when he learnt that more than 86% of the Greek people supported the proposal of a referendum concerning the continuation of memorandums. A proposal made by George Papandreou, prime minister of Greece back then and the first to facilitate the subjugation of his country for the salvation of the European banking cartel. The proposal was made after Washington's suggestion, never to be kept.
Φωτογραφία του χρήστη Dimitris Kazakis.
"We honestly did very well when we humiliated the Greeks at the G20 in Cannes ... these lazy people, the scammers who eat feta [Greek white cheese]! Down there, cheating is a national sport, a way of life for both the poor and the rich. Only 2% of the pools are declared in the exact region of Athens. Trampling the institutions is the second nature for Greeks. The Greek is not only a scammer, but also a corrupt and mostly homosexual. Only this year births in Mykonos are measured at the fingers of a hand. Imagine an island inhabited by 600 gay people who avoid paying. We pay for them!"
And after these civilized Europeans secured that Greece will remain in the governing hands of the same scams and the gangs of corrupted politicians, that ensured mainly to European banksters the looting of the country, the contemporary personification of Robert Macaire comes to Athens. What for;
Greek people paid with their livehood for the salvation of the French banks and the rest of the European banking cartel. Thanks to memorandums in Greece almost 60% of the working age population cannot sustain itself with a job. Official unemployment is 24% of total employment measuring only wage earners. Nearly 26% of the total employment are self-employed without being able to sustain themselves. And 10% have left the labor market because they cannot find a job after being unemployed for many years. They are registered as an economically inactive population.
That’s why in 2016 – according to the most recent available official data – more than 55% of the taxpayers in Greece cannot afford to pay even a single euro in taxes. Not a single euro!
On top of all that there are nearly 3 million pensioners in Greece. 1 million more than before the imposition of memorandum policies. If we consider that today roughly 1.8 million in employment can sustain themselves – even at a poverty level – with their earnings, then every working Greek must support more than one pensioner and almost two of working age that cannot sustain themselves even having a job. The country is dying by every possible aspect. And this is happening on purpose.
Claims of French banks went down to $31.7 billion by the end of the 3rd Quarter in 2012. After the PSI swap decided by Eurogroup. The Greek government was instructed then to take more loans from the European Facility to buy-out the bulk of the remaining French claims – mainly Greek debt securities. By the end of 2012 the claims of French banks have been reduced to $2.7 billion.
Thus, Greece's public debt reached almost 160% of the country's GDP in 2012. From 130% of the GDP when the first memorandum was imposed in the spring of 2010. So, the visit of Mr. Macron to Athens is to secure more for the mob of banksters he represents.
Even if this means the total extermination of Greeks from poverty and misery, which already occurs in the country.
According to official data for the first time Greece is experiencing an absolute decline in its population from 2011 onwards, thanks to the vertical drop in birth rates, the ejection of total deaths and the forced emigration of young people. In the period 2011 to 2016 the population of Greece declined by 360 thousand in absolute numbers. A figure three times higher than the absolute decrease in population suffered by Greece during the last war and the Nazi occupation in the period 1940-1945. The Greek people is experiencing a true genocide, according even to the definition of the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.
But Robert Macaire a.k.a. Emmanuel Macron and his mob doesn’t give a damn about all these. They are accustomed to genocide practices of subjugated peoples so much and for so long back in history that they consider it simply a prudent economic policy. The only thing they care about is the profit they derive from it.
Now, they are in a hurry. The economy of France collapses under the unbearable burden of the biggest banking cartel on mainland Europe. Banks' assets as a percentage of GDP reached 374% in France in 2016, according to data from the European Banking Federation (EDF). Historically, bank assets as a percentage of GDP in France reached the highest point in 2013 (385% of GDP) and the lowest in 1988 (205%).
France ranks 6th in a group of 159 countries in terms of bank assets as a % to GDP, three positions above the position seen 10 years ago. While the banking industry accounts for 60% of the annual added value, ie the new product produced by the French economy each year. The parasitism at its peak.
The financial aristocracy of speculators and banksters that dominate France plunders trade, agriculture, industry, live labor in general through the deficit not only of the General Government, but also of the country’s external capital account. Characteristic is the diagram we provide:
Φωτογραφία του χρήστη Dimitris Kazakis.
General government debt, according to OECD data, has risen from 73.4% of GDP in 1999 to over 120% in 2015. The French economy, from a net exporter of capital funds, until it entered the Eurozone, was transformed into a host economy that speculates mainly with imported financial capital. While the government deficit was and remains uncontrollable for the sake of banksters.
If it continues like this, France will become a dependency of Germany and its satellite economies, which export the bulk of funds to the eurozone countries and the European Union.
It urgently needs to secure a greater share of the euro area hinterland for its banksters and speculators. And this naturally contradicts Germany's intentions. Although between the elite of Germany and France has revived the spirit of Vichy, more than since the time of Nazis, coalitions have never been the strongest point of financial aristocracy in any country. It is nothing more than a alibi of fierce competition at the top of the elite where there is no question of limits and all means – however destructive – are feasible and acceptable.
So, Moscovici came with this mission. He is interested in accelerating the formal divestiture and looting of Greece under the occupation regime enforced by Eurogroup. A situation that France and other European colonial powers could achieve in the old days only with the well-known civilizing mission of the Foreign Legion, one of the worst criminal organizations that conceived by a parliamentary state, and other colonial troops.
In today's Greece, they can have the same results, bring about the same massive extermination of the indigenous population under occupation, without the need of colonial troops or formal military rule. The only thing they must assure is the suitable bribe for the local chieftains of right and left-wing parties. I do not know of any other case where colonizers could have found so many willing scoundrels available to sell out their own country and lead its population to genocide and holocaust. Without even an imminent military threat.
Media news with extensive reports give us all the splendor of the official humbug. Full of gruesome details of the French imperial couple visit to exaggerate the morbid fascination of the misery stricken population, of all those which in their incredible misery are dazzled by the glamour of the power elite.
And for the purpose to show that he differs from Germany, the duo of the prostitute and the cheat, adopted the tactic of the carrot. For the sake of deception. Temporarily leaving the whip to the Commission and Germany.
That’s the reason why Moscovici made the well-known statement about the "democratic scandal," concerning the existence and functioning of the Eurogroup. A European Commission spokesman replied on Tuesday (September 5th) that the EU executive has "invested a lot of time and effort and resources to keep Greece in the eurozone."
This was justified by the fact that a completely informal body, the Eurogroup, without any legal status, can arrive to conclusions and decisions without even deliberation to be enforced on an extortion basis to Member States. Eurogroup does what the International Occupation Regime did against defeated and other mandated countries after the First World War. Such a democracy Europe has seen since the time of Reich and empire domination.
Everything was done for one reason only, to keep Greece in the euro area at all costs, to save the eurozone bankers and speculators and to transfer the rescue costs on the backs of Greek workers and pensioners under an occupation and divestment regime of their country. In this way, mainly France and Germany managed to save their banks and sustain their economy through the global downturn. Nowadays the masks have fallen. They do not even bother to pretend otherwise.
For his part, Mr. Macron, on the background of the Acropolis, just like Obama before him, wanted to appear as the new leader of Europe. While massive mobilizations are afoot in France to prevent the effectively break down of labor relations, so that the worker is transformed into an object, an asset of the enterprise. Nothing more. At the same time Macron’s main preoccupation as a European leader is the definitive abolition of the nation to get rid once and for all the traditional rule of law based on each country’s legal order, according to the aspirations of classes and peoples in each state.
There can be only one rule of law in United Europe, the law of the might and powerful. The sovereign returns to claim sovereignty from all peoples and nations in Europe. Not in the name of God, or ancestral privileges, but in the name of global capital market interests.
The most hysterical fantasy of Robert Macaire and his mob is slowly coming true. A whole Europe without the barriers of law, without the risk of gendarmes and judges keeping the rule of law in the name of the sovereign nation of each country. A Europe at the mercy of supranational organs, which do not recognize peoples, nations and parliaments while enjoying the privileges and immunities that only the sanctity of the royal Corpus enjoyed at the time of the ancient regime.
When Moscovici made the statement about Eurogroup, the reason was not a sudden awakening of his (non-existent) democratic sensitivity. No, that’s not it. He just sounded the bell of danger. He simply asks for the formal legitimation of arbitrariness and extortion. He calls for the Eurogroup to be transformed into an official body of the euro area with statutory powers to the detriment of the Member States. He wants the head of the Eurogroup to become an official finance minister of the entire eurozone, with the possibility of controlling the whole of the fiscal policy in all the Member States. As is happening with Greece today.
This is what the Prostitute and the Cheat considers as "democratic legitimacy". The only thing they did not say is the well-known L'état, C'est Moi of Louis XIV. Although with their actions they imply it against all the eurozone member states.
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(2). Polyanthe, Benjamin Antier, Jules Lermina, Saint-Amand, L'Auberge des Adrets: Histoire véridique de Robertt Macaire et de son ami Bertrand, Paris, 1830.
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