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Only imperial robe was missing from the appearance of Juncker in the European Parliament.

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, as another aspiring Charlemagne, presented his vision for Europe in Strasbourg on Tuesday, September 13. It was the established speech on the State of the Union where he described the immediate future of the European Union after Brexit.
Mr. Juncker is the typical representative of the European Union. With privileges, immunities against the law and a way of life that many emperors and kings of the old age would envy. He is the type of politician the EU's banking cartel needs today. Proverbial drunkard even in his public appearances. Just like old Yeltsin. During his last visit in Athens (June 2016), he was drunk during all official contacts, speeches and ceremonies. He didn’t care to present himself drunk even in front of the cameras.
He is a loafer by profession since he has not worked a single day in his whole life. He does not know what a job market means because he has never risked looking for a job in it. He was a child of the party. And the party, in return, secured for him a law degree and his employment as a professional politician immediately after. His father was a henchman of the Party of the Right, which after the war was renamed Christian Social Peoples Party to flush the stigma of the co-operation with the Nazis.

His father fought with the Waffen SS on the eastern front, but after the war he claimed that the Nazis had recruited him by force. So, he fought and participated in the Nazi atrocities against the people of the Soviet Union, because it could not do otherwise! And so, he dug it with the help of British and Americans, who were in dire need of such scams after the war to control the European countries against their peoples.
As a result, Mr. Juncker became a Party Trumpet and one of the most corrupt politicians in Europe. Let us recall his direct involvement in the scandal, which was revealed by Luxembourg leaks (Luxleaks). It is one of the biggest economic scandals that socked Europe and which was revealed in November 2014 by a survey conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). It is based on confidential information on Luxembourg tax decisions formulated by PricewaterhouseCoopers and implemented by the government from 2002 to 2010 so that more than three hundred multinationals evade taxes within the EU.
Where was Mr. Juncker at that time? He was prime minister of Luxembourg and Treasury Minister at the same time until 2013. He was therefore the primary responsible politician for the scandal.
Of course, he was never called to account. No measures were taken to investigate deep into the case. Not from the EU, nor from Luxembourg. But the funniest thing is that no government of even a single Member State asked for explanations of the scandal, neither demanded the legal prosecution of all those responsible nor made any formal petition for damages from the state of Luxembourg because its budget lost revenue due to tax evasion of multinationals. Why was that;
Only words, fat words and promises without any practical meaning. Mr. Juncker ensured that no state, citizen or justice system can come after him, thanks to the preposterous immunities the chief of European Commission has against the law. Just like Mr. Barroso before him, who escaped from his Primeminister office in Portugal to become chief of European Commission when he thought that his country's justice system was ready to prosecute him for another huge social and economic scandal. The turning of state orphanages by his government into a pedophile industry! Pedophile enthusiasts, drunkards, loafers by profession and god knows what else are the kind of humanoids European banking cartel needs for the government and the construction of the Union.
The only legal proceedings have been brought against the persons accused by the Luxembourg judiciary of participating in the revelations. If Al Capone was based in Luxembourg, it is certain that those who would face justice and conviction without second thought would have been those who unveiled his tax evasion. And so, Al Capone could keep his murdering career nice and easy.
Justice has quite naturally considered the whole affair to be non-existent, and has not investigated any multinational company. Nor, of course, any of the responsible politicians in Luxembourg. The LuxLeaks trial took place in spring 2016 in Luxembourg and led to the conviction of those who unveiled the scandal. To make an example out of them, for everyone to see that it’s dangerously naïve to think that Luxemburg and European Union has anything that resembles to a Rule of Law. Compared even with the so-called enlightened despotism regime back in 18th and 19th century.
How could it be different? Luxembourg has any historical or national reason for being a state. Exists only to serve as a shelter for all sorts of dirty business by the multinationals, the big speculators and all kinds of capital market vultures. And this state mafia, where the justice system guarantees and preserves its essence as such, can only bred politicians like Mr. Junker. That is, politicians and officials who are legitimate only to money and power. Nothing else.
That’s why this most typical representative of the European Union spoke of a Europe that supposedly is getting out the economic recession and regains political ground against populists and Eurosceptics. Mr. Junker made it quite clear to his peers, MEPs, that EU will not tolerate dissent. Anyone who questions the very foundation of EU is a sworn enemy of the European Superstate. Just like in the totalitarian states of the old. Everyone must subdue, fully in line with the official ideology, Europeanism - the ideology of emperors since Charlemagne and the European colonialists - and acknowledge as supreme a parliament that is worse by all respects even compared with the old Assemblies of Estates in the time of absolute monarchy.
"Wind is back in Europe's sails" – told EC President arguing for a more united and effective EU that is based on freedom, equality and the rule of law. Aside from his reinforced banking union, social standards and a joint defense union he spoke in detail about the importance of respecting the rule of law and in particular the rulings of the European Court of Justice. "The rule of law is not optional in the European Union. It is a must," he added.
Knowing who Mr. Junker is and what he is representing, there is nothing more ridiculous and insulting to the intelligence of the common man than to listen from him to invoke the Rule of Law. He is talking of course of a particular kind of Rule of Law, that protects the most arbitrary self-interest of the eurocrats against all nations and peoples. In a European Union where supranational institution (Commission or European Court) with no democratic legitimation whatsoever can produce rulings in detriment of constitutional states, elected parliaments, sovereign peoples and nations. In a European Union that even the most basic human rights of peoples are tramped under the iron heel of Banksters. In a European Union that has downgraded the formerly sovereign peoples of the Member States into population segments, represented according to numbers in the only institution that presupposes elections, the European Parliament. Just like in the medieval parliaments under the one and only Sovereign.
In a personal tone, Mr Juncker told MEPs in Strasbourg that "the wind is returning to the sails of Europe" but warned that the "window of opportunity" for reforms and to win the hearts and minds of citizens would not remain open for long. "We are slowly but definitely gaining momentum," Juncker said in his speech, but he did not say the ugly truth.
How does the EU appear dynamic? All this hollow propaganda about the recovery of the EU economy is based on a virtual GDP growth. We call it virtual because of two main reasons. On the one hand, the incredible cooking of the data that Eurostat deliberately imposes in countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, and so on, to show that the eurozone is also recovering with them.
In Greece, there have been lawsuits against Mr. Georgiou, who was appointed as President of the Greek Statistical Service at the request of the IMF and Eurostat, for the manipulation of published data. Initial convictions have already been issued against him, despite the official protests made by Eurostat. Eurogroup and European Commission said explicitly that Mr. Georgiou has to be acquitted without any further investigation and the Greek government pay all his judicial expenses, or else! Hellenic Statistical Authority, as it is called today, keeps producing controversial data concerning GDP and deficits according to Eurostat norms and expediencies.
On the other hand, they do not say anything about the basic, the fundamental reason behind this mediocre growth of GDP. Where this growth is based? In the ECB's funding, mainly QE easing, which has now reached almost 40% of euro area GDP. See the diagram we are presenting. Who is so damn in economics that dare to talk about a recovery in the economy when the central bank is forced to finance close to 40% of the economy’s GDP? Only scoundrels and cheats can talk of recovery in euro area.
Φωτογραφία του χρήστη Dimitris Kazakis.
And for this funding to continue, which concerns only banks and multinationals, everything has to be liquidated in the real economy. That is why labor relations are being abolished in France and the worker or the employee is transformed into a liquid asset of the business his is formally working for. That is why countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and others should be leveled to the ground and the wealth of each country should be the object of wild speculation by the banksters and market vultures. That is why Mr. Juncker calls for all EU countries to join the banking union by 2019 so that the banking cartel extends its field of speculation with debts, securities and real estate.
One of the key ideas of Mr. Juncker's speech is to merge the presidencies of the European Commission and the European Council into a single position to have one and only EU leader. "Europe would be easier to move forward if a single captain directs the ship," he argued.
According to Juncker, the presidential candidate must be able to be elected in European elections to legitimize by vote the absolute powers he will possess. In other words, he suggests the creation of an elected monarchy on a supranational level. As for the citizen, he will only exist as a subject. He will be called occasionally to vote and then disappear from the political and governmental spectrum as a good law-abiding subordinate he is.
To that end, he advocated deepening the integration of the eurozone and called on those Member States that did not belong to the eurozone to join the single currency by 2019. How else would they lose any sense of self-determination and sovereignty to EU institutions?
He also advocated the appointment of a European Economy and Finance Minister, but said that a new position should not be created, as Germany and France proposed to transform the Eurogroup chairman into a eurozone finance minister. Mr. Junker prefers a strengthened position in the European Commission. Juncker favors a finance minister directly subject to the new European Union President-in-Chief he proposes. In this way, the European Commission will have official European government status on the model of presidential systems, like in France.
He proposed a special EU summit in Sibiu, Romania, on 30 March 2019 - one day after the UK leaving the bloc - to take decisions on the reformed EU. In it, Mr. Juncker hopes that the EU will be ready to formally abolish of the sovereign rights of national parliaments, while national constitutions will acquire a subordinate significance to the despotic Rule of the Law which the Mafia of the President of the European Commission envisions.

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